Inside Fake Pineng Power Bank

This is  Pineng power bank. I have bought this power bank from pasar malam, around RM50.
Just, to show you, what inside this fake Pineng power bank.

The disassembly process started

Inside Power Bank

From the picture above, only pink colour is real battery. Others, just sand. ( You can hear sound when shaking the battery )

A way to buy or check power bank,

1. Shake the power bank
2. If you hear any sound, i think there will be sand inside.
3. Just buy power bank that have warranty card, and from authorized person only.

Thanks for reading...and. don't waste your money for cheap power bank.

Today, I have lost my power bank, .. Haha... Lepas ni, kena berhati-hati lagi.... Rugi RM50... Dugaan terkena powerbank tipu / palsu. 


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