Choose Burger King or Street Stall Burger ?

If you heard about Burger King, surely you will notice this restaurant is increasing every year. Before this, Burger King is not known at Malaysia, and only been highlighted as expensive food. But with the promotion and more acceptance of the food among local, its become among best brands here. With the good environment in the restaurant, its make the people in love with the brands. 

Burger King history can be traced back to 1953, as Insta-Burger King, which change to the name Burger King in 1954. As American Multinational Fast Food Restaurant, its has more than 34,248 people work in this company. 
Common burger stall in Malaysia
Burger is been popular around Malaysia, since the lower cost to setup Burger stall is cheap. With the popular franchise such as McDonald, Burger King, is been opened across any town, its become competitor to the stall that selling this type of food which mostly they will use Rambly brand for their main meat. The difference between the Burger Stall and Franchaise is the offering for the meal. When we ordered the food from the burger stall, we may stick to one type of burger to fill in our stomach, however, once you entered the franchaise burger such as Burger King we are reluctant to ordered the food with set of meal which consist of high sugar carbonated drink and french fies. The calories intake for the meals itself will spike to 600 calories againts if you ordered one burger ala carte. This what lead the increasing of diabetes among Malaysian people. Its not burger that cause the diabetes, but the meal intake which exceed own calories intake. But most people don't realize this untill they calculate the calorie intake by daily. 

What you think, any solution to this situation ?
You can eat the burger, but know your limit daily intake. 

Restaurant environment is very nice for eat and meeting people.

The Burger itself is slowly become common food for Malaysian people. The burger is became gradually more appetizing over the year and its also known for convenient way of having quick dish for traveller. Beside that, its become one of the Malaysian favourite now days. If you look through the 1990, the burger itself is only been known as American food, and most people will avoid this food with lot of negativity. However, since the Ramly Burger existence on 1998, the dish itself is been accepted as economical meals as cheaper cut of meats used with breads and favourings. The burger also can be easily been eaten with one hand and consumed.

Example of promotion for the burger. The price is consider cheap for working Malaysian adult.

Promotion using Apps Voucher (Example)

Promotion at Counter

In Malaysia, the street stall burger will packed the sliced of meat with bun, tomato, mayonnaise, salad, and sauce. Some time, the individual sets its one mixture of seasoning and flavouring the meat to create more appetizing to customer. Its been sold from RM 3 per piece. In recent years, the price is increasing, around 20 sen, and its still cheap compare to the common dinner found such as Nasi Goreng ( RM6 ), Mee Goreng ( RM5 ).  

Although we might think of burger as relative new invention, its already been known in various form since hundreds of years. As this dish is become popular among the teenager, its also need to be modified for becoming more healthy than we see now.

As we looked back, the Malaysia is become number one with most fattest people around the Asean region and with increasing Franchaise that selling this type of food as dinner, its will become nightmare to the healthy industry in 2-5 years from now. 

For me, fast food restaurant shall display the calorie for each food that consist in meals, compare to single ala-carte order. By doing this, people more aware regarding the food calorie they have taken. 


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